ObesityObesity is one of the most common health disorders that affect a large number people in United States today. Recent obesity statistics say that 31 out of 51 US states are suffering from this problem. Almost two-third of American people is overweight.

Child obesity is also a major problem. Child obesity if remained unnoticed can lead to adult obesity. Obesity in child may bring some other serious health disorders in future like hyper tension, sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, alcoholism etc.

There are some common causes of obesity. They are:

1. Genetic Disorders: It is not totally proved by the scientists but obesity has some relationship with the heredity. Most of the times it can be seen that obese people belong to such a family where some of the family members are overweight. If the parents or grandparents have some hereditary obesity problem it will surely lead to their children.

2. Not Enough Physical Activities: In this technological era people always like to use technology to make their life comfortable. This idleness is a common cause of obesity. Children sometimes remain busy in watching T.V or playing online games without zero activity. Naturally they are becoming obese after a certain period of time.

3. Leading a Haphazard Lifestyle: We are living in such an age where people always remain busy in their busy life schedule. This leads the people to live an unhealthy and haphazard life. They eat haphazardly, get drunk, sleep irregularly and all these lead to obesity.

4. Eating too Much Food: eating more than what our body requires is not only a chief cause of obesity but it is also harmful for our body. If we earn unlimited calories from food we will lead to obesity more than anything else.

5. Getting too much stressed: The psychiatrists say that getting over stressed is a common cause of obesity.

Probably the time has come for us to admit the fact that obesity is a serious disease like any other major physical disorders. It is a silent killer. So people should be careful about the above said points to prevent obesity.