ObesityObesity is a state of human body in which the human body store up unnecessary fats in some parts of the body. It is harmful as it hinders basic functions of some body organs. It is a serious state of body that if unattended can lead to death of the person. All over the world the rate of obese people is increasing in a rapid rate. It can be seen that the countries economically powerful are mostly affected by obesity problem. However, the countries of the third world where economic development has not still seen the daylight have less number of obese people. Obesity itself still can not be considered as a disease but it is the root cause of many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and stroke. Scientists have shown with statistics that the danger of obesity has increased much more than it was in the past. But the pathetic thing is that most of the people are still unaware about its malignant capacity or perhaps they do not want to give it more value.

Childhood obesity is one of the major problems in some developed countries mainly in USA. There are so many causes of it but the most important reason is irregular intake of food. However, there are some unknown facts about that. Most of the people think that Mal-nourishing is only a problem of the third world countries. But the surprising fact is that in USA most of the children are facing obesity problem due to malnourishment. Obviously they are not suffering due to the lack of food but due to the problem of overfed. Actually malnourishment can be a great cause of obesity which can also be occurred due to excessive eating.

Obesity in teenagers is also the most common problem nowadays. And during the modern age this problem has increased rapidly. This time again, America is the top leader in obesity in teenagers. According to a recent report around 33% teenagers of USA are now suffering from obese problem. There might be various factors that causes teenage obesity like family history, food, stress, lack of exercise, idleness even psychological problem.

Obesity in women is also a great problem. More or less the cause of increasing the problem is just the same like the above said factors. Cancer is more likely to grow among the obese women. Obese women are more likely to grow cancer in the cervix, uterus, ovary, gall bladder, colon and breast. Obesity has been proven to increase or affect the level of estrogen which can be associated with uterine cancer. Summing it all up, obesity can cause death. There’s nothing more dangerous than having your life at stake.

To sum up, it can be said that prevention of obesity is not quite difficult. People with obese problem must contact a physician to cure this chronic disease.