Chronic Disease Management
Sep 06, 2011

Signs of Diabetes

DiabetesThere is no proper treatment for diabetes patient. It can be controlled if you maintain proper diet chart and do some exercises. Diabetes grows very slowly and steadily. Pre-diabetes is a condition when your blood sugar level remains higher than normal. It is an alarming stage.
The best way to prevent the alarming effect of diabetes is to prevent it at the very first stage. To do it you should have a proper idea about all the symptoms of diabetes.

The main symptoms of diabetes are:

1. Excessive thirst
2. Urination increased during night times
3. Weight loss or gain
4. Unclear vision
5. Dry itchy skin
6. Wounds do not make well
7. Constant fatigue

Sometimes diabetes may cause to the most complicated diseases such as blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage and macro vascular diseases.

There are two types of diabetes. First type of diabetes is occurred due to the stagnant progress of insulin, it destroys the beta cells which are dependable for secretion of insulin. This type of diabetes is also known as dependent diabetes. It is also known as Juvenile diabetes, it is common among teenagers and young adult Ages. This type of diabetes may be the result of genetic disorders, poor diet and environment.

Second type of diabetes is occurred due to the less production of insulin. It is known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. It occurs when body produces lot of insulin but body can not utilize this. This type of diabetes usually affects in middle ages. People of all ages can be affected by diabetes but 80% of diabetes occurs after the age of 50 years.

Feeling excessive tired or less energetic can be the symptoms of diabetes. During diabetes blood sugar is increased. Children can be also affected by diabetes. Most of the signs of child diabetes are same to the adult. Some other symptoms of diabetes are confusion, anger, agitation, or lethargy, and blurry vision.

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Sep 02, 2011

Some Tips for Obese People

obesityObesity is a fast growing chronic disease. But before saying anything about it we should first know what obesity is? Obesity is such a disease where excess body fat stored in the body. Obesity mainly affects on person’s health. During this disease the body weights of the people increases 20% or more above than normal body weight. Obesity has been widespread health concern all around the world. Nowadays obesity rate has been raised in an alarming rate.

Obesity hails similar other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and many other diseases like cancer etc. According to W.H.O over 300 million people are estimated as obese all over the World. Due to obesity almost 300,000 deaths per year occurs in America. There are many causes of obesity like temperature, smoking, use of drugs, pollution etc.

Nowadays, Childhood obesity is rapidly growing. Childhood obesity causes different physical disorders like breathing trouble and even different social and psychological problems .With the help of Body Mass Index(BMI)calculator you can check whether you are obese or not. If your BMI is between 25 to 30 it means you are overweight or if your BMI is more than 30 then you are obese.

Irregular life style is one of the main reasons of obesity. If you consult a physician, he’ll prescribe you some medicines along with a diet chart. Acomplia is one of main drugs that generally the doctors prescribe. Otherwise you may consult to any licensed online clinic also. They will provide you right information about this disease.

An obese people can also get some important tips from the physicians. You should maintain your daily diet chart and proper exercise like that may include running, walking and some easy exercises. You can also know about some additional exercise schedule from the internet also. It will surely help the obese people to lose weight.

You can also reduce your body fat by following some home remedies also. Don’t take same type of food regularly and try to take low fat calorie. Obese people should intake plenty of vitamin C also. Honey is also good for obese people.

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